FIDReC is an independent and impartial Alternative Dispute Resolution institution. It is the premier institution specialising in the resolution of financial disputes between consumers and financial institutions.
To date, FIDReC has handled, mediated and/or adjudicated more than 13,000 financial disputes between complainants and financial institutions.
More than 570 financial institutions have subscribed to FIDReC and have agreed to submit to the jurisdiction of FIDReC in adjudicating complaints brought against them by consumers.
The Subscriber Financial Institutions of FIDReC include Banks, Finance Companies, Life Insurers, General Insurers, Composite Insurers, Capital Markets Services Licensees, Licensed Financial Advisers and Insurance Intermediaries.
Growth prospects are good for candidates demonstrating the right aptitude and attitude. Selected candidates will gain valuable experience in financial products as well as in the handling, mediation and resolution of financial disputes.