FIDReC Training Programme for Mediators of Financial Disputes (FTPM)

All FIDReC Mediators have to successfully complete the FTPM.

Graduates of the FTPM are accredited as a "FIDReC Accredited Mediator (specialised in financial disputes)".

The FTPM is a comprehensive and specially tailored training programme for mediators who specialise in financial disputes. It draws upon FIDReC's rich and extensive experience and expertise in managing and resolving more than 10,000 financial disputes between complainants and financial institutions.

Although it includes lectures on theory and hypothetical scenarios, the focus of the FTPM is on practical and actual real-life learning.

Among other requirements, to successfully complete the FTPM, candidates have to :-

  1. Mediate at least 10 financial disputes as the Presiding Mediator
  2. Successfully resolve (acting as the Presiding Mediator) at least 5 financial disputes through mediation
  3. Complete a minimum 12 weeks or 60 working days attachment to FIDReC's Complaints Management Unit (CMU) so as to learn and gain practical hands-on experience in handling disputants at the first point of contact when they initially seek assistance
  4. Complete On-The-Job Training (OJT)
  5. Successfully complete 3 formal assessments which include a Practical Assessment
    • The Practical Assessment takes the form of an actual mediation of an actual real-life financial dispute in an actual real-life setting

Syllabus of the FIDReC's Training Programme for Mediators of Financial Disputes (FTPM).